Hi Members

This last week has been the longest and toughest of any week in all the 40 years that I have spent in this industry. As you have all undoubtedly heard we are now in Lockdown. This has resulted in 130 of our Ettalong Diggers Team having been stood down.

At midday on Monday 23 March 2020 we were placed into Government ordered lockdown and effectively placed into hibernation until the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) passes and we are allowed to come back. And Come Back we will, Ettalong Diggers will hold all the positions that we had to stand down and ensure that these people, this team we have grown over the last few years, return to service our 27,000 members.

I make to you one promise and that is that we will be back. We may have to change or to assimilate. We as a Club will be starting to work next week on planning our way forward and how Ettalong Diggers Club will function in the future.

One of our biggest concerns is that a large number of our members are in my age bracket, that is we are mature and as such if we have underlying health issues then we are more likely to suffer seriously from this coronavirus pandemic.

Members we wish to stay in touch with you, as no member of Ettalong Diggers should be alone in these times and as our way of assisting our members we would like you to take the time to let us know via email or phone so that we can take the positive step of contacting you on a regular basis just to make sure that you are OK. Through this method we can then assist our members should they then need assistance in finding the right person to obtain the required help.

Ring my mobile number 0407 427 544 or email me direct on bill.jackson@ettalongdiggers.com

Members we will continue to communicate with you all during this lockdown

Thanking you

Kindest regards,

Bill  Jackson

Chief Executive Officer