How long is the club closed for?

The club has no indication of when the government lift will occur on hospitality venues trading


I'm a member. What happens to my points and promotions entries?

The club will not reset the points on the 1st of July unless we have reopened and given members time to redeem their points.

The promotion entries earned prior to the shutdown will still count and will be applied when we reopen. As each draw is different,

the club will decide how this will work when we reopen and will communicate to the members how that will work


What will happen with the Badge Draw?

The amount of the draw will remain at the same level when the doors closed


Will the club be making any plans for Anzac Day?

The RSL NSW President made the difficult decision to cancel all services across the state. The club will be using its social media pages

to bring focus to Anzac Day and our veterans as well as reaching out to  our vets in these difficult times. 


How do I contact the club while its doors are closed?

The club has kept a core set of staff to handle customer enquiries and can be contacted on the clubs phone number 4343 0111 or sent to Any event enquiries can be sent to You can also contact the club through our

social pages. 


I bought tickets in a show. Can i get my money back?

All show tickets are in the process of being refunded. If you haven't received a refund, be patient as we work through a large list of refunds.

If it has been a while, feel free to call or email the club. 


How will membership renewals work if the club is closed? Will I lose me number?

The club will reassess as we get closer to the end of June. No members will lose their number unless they chose to not when the time comes.

The club has the option to renew members through its website and may turn this on this year after final testing.