Is the club open?

The club will be opening its doors on Tuesday the 9th of June.


What hours is the club open?


Tues- Thur 12 noon - 3pm, 5pm - 8pm

Fri-Sat- 12noon - 3pm, 5pm - 8.30pm



Mon 12 noon - 4pm

Tues - Sat 12-8

Sun 12 noon - 4pm



Mon - Thurs 12 noon- 10pm

Fri 12 noon - 12 midnight

Sat - Sun 12 noon - 2am


Are bookings required? 

Bookings are advised as we have a set limit of people allowed in each room and we can't have people waiting in groups. 


Are there time limits in the club?

There are no time limits  in the club however we will stagger booking times to allow for safe numbers.


What happens if I start to feel unwell while I am visiting?

Tell a staff member immediately. All staff at Ettalong Diggers have undergone basic infection control training.

 What happens if I am feeling unwell before I visit?

Please stay home, until you are feeling better 


What measures are in place to keep me safe?

The club has implemented a range of strategies to ensure we meet regulatory guidelines regarding Covid 19. We will be providing hygiene suopplies,

managing social distancing, recording contact details on entry as well as managing capacities in venue.


I'm a member. What happens to my points?

The club will not reset the points on the 1st of July. The points remain on your account until the 1st July 2021. 


What promotions & entertainment will be on?

Due to strict safety restrictions, as well as financial reasons, the club will be ceasing all promotions & entertainment at this stage. 


How do I renew my membership?

The club has yet to issue a notice to renew. We will be in the coming weeks arranging a notice for online renewals.


What bars are open?

The Riley's bar & Bombora bar are the only bars open at this stage. Government have pushed for table service to prevent people mingling. 


Is the TAB open?

The TAB is currently open to the public via the street entrance. The tickets are kept behind the counter with staff. The EBT's will be on. The club side is 

will open but will not have bar service at this stage. High tables will be removed to assist with distancing and tickets will also be behind counter.


Can i book a function? 

Currently, we cant have groups greater than 10 people. We are however recording inquiries through the website and will provide further info once restrictions ease. 


 Is the Courtesy Bus running?

Due to social distancing and hygiene concerns, the club will not be providing a courtesy bus for now.