Online Renewal Steps

Step 1.  Click on the ‘Member Login’ at the top right-hand corner.

Step 2.  Then enter your Membership Number and Password.

Step 3.  On the welcome page, click on the ‘Renewal’ link.


If it is your first-time logging into Ettalong Diggers Online as a member, or if you have forgotten your password, you can set/reset your password when asked to do so in Step 2.


Please note:

You cannot proceed with online renewals if an email address or mobile phone is not recorded on your membership details.

Please contact the Club’s Reception on (02) 4343 0111 to provide this information.


Then follow Step 1 and Step 2, whereby it will then send you a verification email and link or a code.


Once the email link is clicked or code entered via an SMS message, you may then enter your chosen Password and Retyped chosen Password

and proceed with the online renewal steps.