Paper Lace



The Ettalong Ballroom


June 02, 2023


Friday 8:00 PM.

Doors Open



$50 Members $55 Non-Members

Paper Lace

In 1967 when Singer/Drummer Phil Wright got together with Bass player Cliff Fish, little did they realise that by 1974 they would have sold over 30 million records with the biggest selling songs which included “Billy Don’t be a Hero”, “The Night Chicago Died”, “The Black-eyed Boys”, “Hitchin’ a Ride 74”, “So What if I Am” and many more.

Now in 2023, Phil,  original lead vocalist /drummer from the 70’s has inducted into the band 2 Giants of the music industry - Phil Hendriks, lead vocal front man/guitarist from Les McKuen’s 'Bay City Rollers’ fame and Dave Major, keyboards, and vocalist extraordinaire, formerly with Marc Bolan and T REX to form a truly super group

Four huge talents,  bringing you the unique, totally live, authentic seventies sound of PAPER LACE.

This really is a nostalgic evening of songs we all grew up with!