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Your Rewards

Rewards everywhere you go! - When you become a member of Ettalong Diggers you're rewarded almost everywhere you go in the local area! When you're at the Club you'll receive discounts on most food, drinks and show tickets. You also earn points every time you spend at the Club. You can then redeem your points to buy meals, beverages, show tickets - just about everything the Club sells. And when you're not at the Club, you can use ‘Club Reward Vouchers’ at many local businesses. Look through the list below and start reaping rewards everywhere you go!

  • Accom Ettalong Beach
  • Bay Optical
  • Blooms Chemist - Umina
  • BP Woy Woy
  • Deluxe Art Prints—Umina
  • Ettalong Pharmacy
  • Ettalong Post Office (Postage Products only)
  • Ettalong Newsagency, Lotto & News
  • Ettalong Tobacconist
  • Drop Your Pants Dry Cleaners Ettalong
  • Flicks Hair Salon - Ettalong
  • IGA - Ettalong
  • Kirby’s Discount Store - Ettalong
  • Merry’s Treasures—Ettalong Beach
  • Peninsular Office Supplies - Umina
  • Priceline Pharmacy - Woy Woy
  • Re:Publik Café—Ettalong Beach
  • Sarong Fashion - Ettalong
  • Seaspray  Jewellery—Umina
  • Skinner’s Fresh Seafood - Ettalong
  • Specsavers - Woy Woy
  • The Good Guys - Erina
  • Umina Meats—Umina Beach
  • West End Pharmacy - Ettalong