Seniors Week Show- The Beatles



The Ettalong Ballroom


March 11, 2024


Monday 11:00 AM.

Doors Open



Free Show- Seniors Week
A ticket must still be reserved via ticket link or in Club reception

Seniors Week Show- The Beatles

In 1964, The Beatles were the most popular band of their time, having an impact on music and society that
is still felt today. In 1964 they held the spot for the top 6 best charting singles in Australia. When they toured
Australia in 1964, they were met with what is stilled termed today as ‘Beatlemania’. The band introduced a
new type of music to the world and helped to bridge the gap between children and adults. The Beatles are
still regarded as one of the most influential bands of all time, having an impact on both music and society.
To celebrate Seniors Week and 50 years since this monumental tour – Beatle Magic will recreate this special
time with a show and set list from the tour.